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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Transport Review Update

Following union representation the consultation period for the Transport Review has been extended by two weeks till the 3rd April. We are still awaiting proposals for the road workers rota, winter
gritting and the permanent employment of staff from the capital budget. In reality it may need to be extended again.

Road Workers
Reports suggest that Edinburgh`s roads have a repair backlog running in to hundreds of millions of pounds, that a temporary repair team has been created and what the press call the worst roads in Scotland.

UNISON therefore finds it incredible that the council are paying skilled roads staff to leave the council and then issue contracts to private contractors.

Despite a 2 year review, which had the support of the councillors, pointing the direction of travel towards increasing the size of the in-house roads team to bid for additional work the transformation team have only sought to reduce the staffing levels to cut the wage bill and privatise the work.