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Thursday, 29 May 2014

UNISON Edinburgh website not updating

We cannot update the  branch website at the moment. Please check the blog at or facebook and twitter for updates until the problem is sorted by our service provider. We will issue further updates on the blog as we get them.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Edinburgh Mayday: Unions must give hope - Owen Jones

A great turnout at Edinburgh's Mayday march and rally today heard Owen Jones call on the labour movement to give people hope and defend the NHS, the welfare state and all that was won by 'struggle and sacrifice' in our history.

"We need to give hope to those who get up in the morning to go to work to earn their poverty. We should say that if you are in work the least you can expect is a living wage", he told the packed rally at the Pleasance theatre.

The money is there. Governments can always find billions for war, to bomb and to kill but they tell the disabled they can't afford for them to have a so-called spare room. They demonise those on benefits by talking up the £1.2 billion wrongly claimed, and doing nothing about the £25 billion lost in tax avoidance to the richest.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Free viewing of The Spirit of '45 tonight 6pm Edinburgh City Chambers

To celebrate May Day (International Workers Day) the joint trade unions have organised a special showing of the acclaimed Ken Loach documentary ‘The Spirit Of 45’. We will also be marking 30 years since the Miners' Strike and 10 years since the Nursery Nurses' strike. Following the screening there will be snacks and refreshments and a group discussion and feedback. The objective of the evening will be to build a campaign around ‘Pride in our public services’.