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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Edinburgh marches against austerity

UNISON joined hundreds of marchers in Edinburgh on Saturday to demand an end to austerity. The rally was planned to give the message loud and clear to the Tory Party conference being held in the city but marchers were angered when the march was diverted away from the planned route past Conference centre.

The march was backed by the Scottish Trades Union Congress, Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Alliance, anti-bedroom tax groups, disability campaigners and many more. A minute's silence was held at the Festival Square rally in memory of Bob Crow and Tony Benn.

UNISON Banners and contingents from Edinburgh City, Police Staff Scotland and Dundee City joined that March from the Mound to Festival Square passing within shouting distance to the Tory Conference but diverted from the original planned route.

Earlier in the week, demonstrators dressed in panda outfits reminded the Prime Minister that there were more pandas in Scotland than Tory MPs. Edinburgh Zoo’s Tian Tian and Yang Guang outnumber Tory MP David Mundell by two to one.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Weekend of Action Against Tory Party Conference

Assemble 11.00am at THE MOUND PRECINCT
Set off at 11.30am
March past the Scottish Tory Party Conference

Speakers include: Jackie Bailie MSP, Aamer Anwar, Neil Finlay MSP& Carol Duggan from Justice for Mark Duggan + speakers from trade unions and campaigns from across Scotland.
Supported by: Scotland Trade Union Congress (STUC), Glasgow Unite Community, All Scotland Bedroom tax federation, Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Aliance, Edinburgh East Save Our Services, Greater Leith Against The Cuts, North Edinburgh Fights Back, All Lothian Bedroom Tax Federation, Disability History Scotland, Edinburgh Radical Independence Campaign, Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), Unite the Resistance Scotland, Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition, BARAC Scotland, Edinburgh Unite Against Fascism and many more.