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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Edinburgh cleaning in crisis

There is currently a crisis in Facilities Management and in particular, the cleaning service. Click here for latest bulletin (pdf).

Staff who leave or who are off sick are no longer being replaced, even by agency staff. Combine this with an overtime ban and we are left with schools and council buildings facing a 30% or 40% reduction in hours, leaving staff to clean more classrooms or cook more meals

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Please do the survey

You may have recently received a letter from UNISON inviting you to take part in a survey about how you feel about your work,pay and conditions. Can I please urge you to complete and return the survey as your views are extremely important to us.

The results of the survey will help us to campaign for better pay and conditions for you and to campaign on the issues that matter most to you. They will help us to keep UNISON on the map as the union for local government and other vital public services.

Completed surveys need to be returned by 24 April 2015 in the pre-paid envelope that will be provided. The results of the survey will be compiled into a report and made available on the UNISON website.

Thank you very much for your help with this important research.
Best wishes,
Amanda Kerr
Branch secretary